250x250-meI have been working and playing online for over 20 years. In that time I have worn many hats: Designer, Developer, Domainer, Web Host, Affiliate, Marketer, Advertiser and Hacker. I am plagued with the desire to learn whatever technology has to offer. I am an addict. I have to admit it. I crave to know what is going on in several business spheres that revolve around the constantly emerging place we have all come to know as online.

I cut my development chops on books and manuals at bookstores and libraries and through a 28k dialup using Altavista and Hotwire, hanging out on forums and working bizarre hours to get the client’s project complete on time and on budget.(That part hasn’t much changed over time). I did not have the beauty of Google running on blazing high-speed cable with access to live video.  Although, I must admit, streaming video took the doors off whatever was fueling me before and now I’m flying through tutorials, online courses and picking through RSS feeds for tips, tricks, and flexible open source code.

I do it because I’m in love with the technology. I do it to feel whole. From the time I wake (most days), I’m ready to find out what the online world has on order for me to create and who has filled my Feed-Reader with lessons to teach me. When my clients are happy and projects are on track, I’m engaged in self study of programming languages, social media,  chasing down a lead for a domain property or following up a sale.

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• Conceptualized, planned and executed original designs for a wide range of website properties.
• Designed print and marketing initiatives for website properties.
• Communicated neutrally, empathically and comfortably with team members, clients and customers.
• Defined new approaches to complex design problems.
• Used site analytics and metrics to define and monitor success.
• Created reusable processes, components and tools that leveraged into numerous other projects, accelerating development progress.
• Built user interface, data visualizations and re-designed overall user experience, resulting in 25% - 125% increase in sales.
• Rapidly developed and iterated product and feature prototypes from conceptual demonstrations.
• Defined and demonstrated best in class user experiences that reflected company Information Technology standards.
• Restructured of key user flows to improve company product’s overall information architecture.
• Mapped user journey end-to-end using information architecture diagrams, user flows, wire-frames, paper and interactive prototypes.
• Used and contributed to style guides and other design documentation to maintain coherent information and interaction design patterns.
• Informed department of current interaction design patterns and trends.
• Forecast launch dates for all products and communicated changes as they arose.
• Translated established creative direction into conceptual ideas.


• CSS, LESS, Bootstrap
• WordPress template design (custom)
• eCommerce configuration
• UX architecture
• UX documentation
• Analytics and metrics
• Direct email campaigns
• Interaction design skills

• IT Consulting
• Cross-team training
• Dashboard design
• Experience design
• Self-motivated
• Team management
• Strategic thinking
• Hosting Admin (WHM)
• Domain Names Set-up